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Vision Insurance Information

Vision Insurance is directly linked to which health plan you have chosen.

HMO Plan: Only the HMO plan uses EyeMed for vision insurance.

  • One eye exam every 12 months for the cost of your wellness services copayment is included.

  • Discounts on the purchase of eyewear materials, including glasses, contact lenses, and accessories are available.

  • You can also visit to find a provider   in-network or call 844.684.2254 for more information.

PPO Plans: The Base PPO, HCA, and PPO Plus plans utilize BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (BCBSIL)

  • An eye exam is covered annually and $150 is available for frames, lenses, and/or contacts every 24 months. This is a rolling 24 months.

  • Dependents age 19 or under are allowed frames, lenses, and/or contacts every year. Their exam is also fully covered.

  • Certain procedures that are considered 'medically necessary' are covered as well. Your provider will have more information on this.

  • You will have to pay for services up front and then submit for reimbursement through BCBSIL. A form is available on their website (or here) and a receipt will be required.

In addition, there may be discounts available for different services.

To see what is available, login to the BCBSIL website and click ‘My Coverage’ at the top. Then click 'Discount' on the left side, then click on a link in the middle that says ‘Visit Blue365.’ That will open a new tab where you can then click on 'Hearing & Vision' on the left side. You will then be able to see any current offers that are available.

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