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Flexible Spending Information
for Wex Health

Flexible Spending Contact Number


Flexible spending money is taken out before taxes

and is available in three different categories. Please consult

with Wex Health for the full list of eligible expenses.

That information can be found by clicking here.


Changes to Medical Expenses and Dependent Care can only

be made during Open Enrollment or a Qualifying Life Event.

Changes to Commuter Benefits can be made at any time.

Medical Expenses

This includes co-payments, deductibles, prescription

medications, medical equipment, some vision supplies, etc.

Insurance premiums are not eligible expenses.

Dependent Care

This category covers expenses related to some

childcare, preschool, and adult day care facilities.

Commuter Benefits

These include expenses for rail passes (Metra),

fair cards (CTA and Pace), carpooling, etc.

Tolls and gasoline are not eligible expenses.

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